Xinjiang Aksu Apple grows in a high-altitude environment with large temperature difference between day and night, adequate sunshine,and natural sandy soil irrigated by glacial snowmelt rivers.These make sugar component piled in the transparent kernel of Aksu Apple - the world´s unique “Rock Candy Heart”.
Harvest Time: Late October –Early November
Huamengtong (Aksu, Xinjiang) Base covers an area of nearly 80,000 square meters, with a total warehousing capacity of 30,000 tons including a total of 12,000 tons of warehousing capacity in phase I. The Base may,on the basis of internationally state-of-the-art gas-controlled preservationtechnologies, maximize the guarantee of product qualities and non-loss of nutrition as fresh as newly picked.
The priority is given to core products in Huamengtong (Aksu, Xinjiang) Base,in line with strict and standard whole-supply-chain control system. Agricultural training and guidance are implemented for the growing process, real-time monitoring is implemented for the operating processes, cold-chain management and control is implemented for the warehousing process, and, multi-grade and diverse fine sub-packaging and supply are carried out relaying on internationally state-of-the-art warehousingtechnologies as well as sorting and and packaging equipment.
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