Jiangxi Base

Jiangxi GannanNavel Orange, as a geographical indication-level protection product, has large fruit, order shape, bright orange red, smooth and clean appearance, crisp and tender pulp, melted slag, and concentrated sweet aromatic flavor. It contains more than 55% fruit juice. And it is a domestically and overseas well-known fruit in active demand.
Harvest Time: Early November – Middle December
Huamengtong (Ganzhou, Jiangxi) Base always takes strict control of product quality as the top priority.Experts are invited to guide and supervise the navel oranges before growing. In addition, internationally state-of-the-art warehousing and logistics technologies are applied for the whole-process management and control – from picking, warehousing, and transportation.
Huamengtong (Ganzhou, Jiangxi) Base provides seamless optimal processing from picking, sorting to warehousing in accordance with the strict standards; and applies modern sorting and packaging technologies to meet diverse market demands and offer supply services to different customers’ satisfaction.
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