Korla Pear grows in the best core producing area –Yuli County in Kongque River drainage basin. It has thin peels, crisp, white, and tender pulp, and aromatic flavor.
Harvest Time: Late August –Early October
Huamengtong (Korla, Xinjiang) Base covers an area of more than 80,000 square meters,with total warehousingcapacity of 30,000 tons.The Base is equipped with internationally state-of-the-art gas-controlled preservation and logistics technologies, meeting the market demands of long-term warehousing and quality guarantee. The total investment for the Base reaches about RMB 200 million.
In Huamengtong (Korla) Base, the harvest time isunder strict control.It also implements strict sorting and grading technologies.
The process from picking, sorting to warehousing can be completed in optimal time. In addition, standard operation procedures are implemented for each process step to prevent the loss the quality and nutrition of products.
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