Shandong Base

Qixia City of Shandong Province is known as the “Ridge of Jiaodong”.It is mainly covered by hills.The natural geographical environment - sixty percent of the area is hills, ten percent waters and thirty percent farmland –makes it quite suitable for apples. The area has an annual production of almost 10 million tons of apples, recognized as China’s first apple market.
Harvest Time: End of September – Middle October
Huamengtong (Yantai, Shandong) Base is located in the hometown of apples–Qixia.The total warehousing capacity of the Base reaches nearly 10,000 tons.With the application of internationallystate-of-the-art gas-controlled preservation and logistics technologies, it may provide maximum guarantee and care for product quality by means of controlling temperature, humidity, air and other indicators.
Although Huamengtong (Yantai, Shandong) Base and Huamengtong (Aksu, Xinjiang) Base are the selection for Red Fuji Apples and similar products, their products are featured by geographical characteristics due to growing in different locations, which enriches the Company’s supply services of diverse apple products.
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