Shanxi Base

Shanxi Fuji Apple has rich and strong taste as well as high sweetness mainly because of the high altitude of Northwest China, high temperature difference between day and night, as well as long-time sunshine. It is a world-renowned brand and is praised as a National Present. The yield and quality are unanimously approved by the market.
Harvest Time: Late September – Middle October
Huamengtong (Luochuan, Shanxi) Base is preferably selected in the area adjacent to the core production region. Together with (Yantai, Shandong) Base and (Aksu, Xinjiang) Base, the three bases areparalleled to form a stable supply platform of high-quality apple products in China.
Local technical experts are invited to provide assistance to farmers for pre-growing management and control as well as strict supervision and management for fertilization, maintenance and other growing measures;
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