Sichuan Base

Sichuan PujiangKiwifruitis featured by pleasing-to-the-eye fruitshape, refreshing sour and sweet taste, unique flavor, and developmental nutrition.Furthermore, it has been recognized as the national geographical indication-level protection product, and the trademark of geographical indication-level protection product was successfully registered in 2011.
Harvest Time: Late August –middle September
Huamengtong (Sichuan Pujiang) Base sets up a modern optimized warehousing and logistics base in accordance with the unique characteristics of kiwifruits to ensure the best warehousing taste as well as guarantee the quality and nutrition and long-term stable supply.
Huamengtong (Pujiang, Sichuan) Base is located in Pujiang, Chengdu. It is recognized worldwide as the best place for growing kiwifruits with favorable ecological conditions, rich resources of varietiesand well-established market foundations.
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