Development vision

Huamengtongwill shoulder the “problems of farmers and urban citizens”.

Farmers are the key to solve the “Three Rural Issues”; Increase of farmers' income is supported by sales of agricultural products. Industrial-scale development of agriculture, circulation of agricultural products and increase of farmers' income constitute an impartible industrial chain.

Huamengtong Logistics, on the one hand, links to resource regions of thousands of agricultural products and hundreds and hundreds of millions of agricultural product growers, on the other hands, links to the tangible marketing network and intangible market demands.It places a mutually satisfactory conclusion between the two-way dependency of farmers and urban citizens. It is an extremely important task to solve the Three Rural Issues and satisfy farmers. Huamengtong will make every effort to hold up a blue sky for agricultural products.

The integration and upgrading of agricultural logistics industry requires a business leader.

Huamengtong Logistics sets its footon creating an enterprise that can be the representative of the industry. In actual operations, we can truly and objectively achieve – allow farmers free of worries, supplierssave efforts, and consumers save money.This is the direct effect of Huamengtong Logistics’ operation.

High logistics costs have hurt the Chinese people.The imbalance of “expensive food hurt the people, but cheap food hut farmers”requires to be reconciled by “improvement of the layout of agricultural logistics”. Huamengtong is a representative of such enterprises. Our main business scope is agricultural and sideline products. Therefore, modern warehousingplays a crucial role in the whole process.It not only is a protector of qualities, but also may fully regulate the long-term sales contradictions of centralized appearance of agricultural products in the market. As a result, nationwide logistics parks play a key role to the success of the project.

The development of agricultural product logistics parks will inevitably be driven when China promotes the development of modern agriculture.The agricultural logistics system is a breakthrough in deepening the reform of circulation system, and it is an important component to effectively solve the “Three Rural Issues” and to build new socialist countryside. Huamengtong will be devoted to the great mission of “China’s agricultural product logistics platform operator” by means of the idea of “industrial chain” as well as the action of “industrialized, platform-oriented, and scale agricultural product logistics”.


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