Development course


    HuaMengtong was formally established, and created a new situation ofmodern agricultural product supply chain development model;

    Determined the oriented development of “supply chain platform operator of Chinese agricultural products”;

    Planned the layout of warehouse logistics base all around the country, to establish a national distribution network pattern;


    Set up HuaMengtongmodern warehouse logistics bases successively in Huhhot ofInner Mongolia, AksuofSinkiang, YantaiofShandong, Meixian CountyofShanxi and Huiningof Gansu;

    The product transition category in the HuaMengtong transition platform had reached more than 40 species, forming the one-stop supply chain service;

    Created the only standardized operating procedures in the field of agricultural products distribution-General Principles of AgriculturalProductsDistribution Information Management, which was determined as the national recommended standards;


    Invested to set up HuaMengtong warehouse bases in UlanQab of Inner Mongolia, Korla of Sinkiang, Zhangzhou of Fujian and Ganzhou of Jiangxi, and the monthly amount of business transition of HuaMengtong transition platform had reached RMB 20 million;

    People´s Daily had published a special report entitled “Inner Mongolia HuaMengtong makes efforts to establish a new distribution system- from the source to the terminal”;

    Cooperated with Beijing Wuzi University to set up the Institute of Modern Agricultural Products Logistics Industry, which has become the demonstration cooperation base combined the production, study and research of domestic colleges and universities;

    As the only enterprise representative in the field of modern agricultural productsdistribution, was invited to participate in theNational Cooperation Director Seminar Forumof Ministry of Agriculture and delivered a keynote speech;


    nvested to set up HuaMengtong warehouse bases in Ma On Shan of Anhui, Nanning of Guangxi and Pujiang of Sichuan;

    The nationwide distribution network covered nearly 60 cities, and the number of distribution network terminals reached as much as 10,000, and the monthly amount of business transition exceeded RMB 100 million;

    Completed the A round of financing exceeding more than RMB 200 million, further accelerating the pace of the national market development;

    Specially invited by China Association for Quality Promotion, became the only designated co-organizer of China Agricultural Products Distribution Quality Long March, initiating the eco-development planning to enhance the quality of agricultural products;


    The people of HuaMengtong will take up the mission of “benefit the farmer, benefit the people” as always, strive forwardconstantly to explore the development model of modern agricultural products distribution.

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