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Secretary-General of China Association for Quality Promotion (CAQP), GaoBohai,andHis EntourageVisited Huamengtong

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At present, China's agricultural industry stays in a stage of rapid development.However, due to the lack of standardized industry standards, quality problems of agricultural products in the market occur frequently. Since the inception,Huamengtonghas strictlycontrolled product quality from the source and gradually promoted the establishment of the Internet-of-Things-based monitoring system, which are highly accepted and praised by the market. In this regard, GaoBohai, the Secretary-General of China Association for Quality Promotion (CAQP) and his entourage visited Huamengtong on November 25 and awarded HuamengtongCAQP’s“Standing Council Unit” of.


 During the visit, the Secretary-General GaoBohaiand his entourageobtained detailed understanding of Huamengtong’s current situationand operational development history. They also had in-depth and detailed discussions with the Senior Management in terms of Huamengtong’sestablishment of quality safety assurance systems for agricultural products and regulatory measures.GaoBohai,the Secretary-General fully affirmed Huamengtong’s business development model and spoke high of Huamengtong’s development idea of adhereing to quality first. In addition, Huamengtong took the lead, jointly with Beijing Materials Institute, drafted the General Rules of Agricultural Product Circulation Information Management Technologies, which is currently the only standardizedoperation procedure for agricultural product circulation in China and also provides quality benchmarks for China’s agricultural product industry.


In the discussions, GaoBohai,the Secretary-General pointed out that food safety was related to the life and health of consumers and was also a major problem faced by today's society. Proper management of the safety and quality for agricultural products served as a necessary requirement to ensure food safety and an important guarantee for increasing farmers' income and promoting agricultural development. He hoped that Huamengtongcould further improve the quality and safety regulatory system for agricultural products in the process of business development so as to promote food safety to a new level.


In addition, theyalso know in detail Huamengtong’s warehousing facilities. The Senior Management introduced our warehousing equipment as well as cold-storage and preservation technologies to them.

Since its inception in 1994, CAQP has always adhered to carrying out the Quality Tour activities, which have hade unremitting efforts and due contributions to promoting the good and rapid development of China’s overall quality level and economic society, and have been well praised by the vast consumers and the society. CAQP granted Huamengtong as its Standing Council Unit, reflecting Huamengtong’sinfluence on the field of agricultural product circulation. It also encouraged us to give full play to our social mission with regard to quality and safety assurance system for agricultural products.

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