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Huamengtong Promotes the First Station of China Association for Quality Promotion in Korla, Xinjiang

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On December 22, 2015, the grand opening of China Association for Quality Promotion’s (CAQP’s)circulation of Agriculture Products with the theme of “Integrate the internet for the issues of agriculture, farmer and rural area and enhance China’s high quality” was held in the Great Hall of the People, which unveiled prologue for CAQP to promote the launch of “Internet & Agriculture” e-business construction. On January 14, 2016, with the assistance provided by Huamengtong, China Association for Quality Promotion (CAQP) launched Korla, Xinjiang, which official unveiled the journey of the first station for CAQP’s Circulation of Agricultural Products in China.

In the study visit event carried in the orchard at the morning of the 14th,LIU Jianjun, General Manager for Huamengtong Base Alliance Dept. and GAO Bohai, Secretary-General of CAQP, WU Ming, Head of General Affairs of GAQP, in the company of SUN Zebin, Deputy Secretary and the Regimental Commander of the 33rd Regiment of the Second Division, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, visited local bases of pear gardens and jujube yards.

In the pear base, LIU Jianjun, General Manager for Huamengtong Base Alliance Dept. described in details how the Company carries out management and control during the planting processes to GaoBohai, Secretary-General of CAQP. Technicalguidance in terms of planting and pruning of fruit trees,pollination and grafting, fertilizer and water management, as well as pest control, harvest and grading etc. so as to guide a strict pass upon quality in planting process.

In the organic pear garden owned by the farmer ZHANGZhihua, GAO Bohai, Secretary-General of CAQP, greatly praised ZHANG Zhihua’s harvested products after tasting. He said: “the product is, indeed, different from other pears tasted before in terms of the taste, water content, and sweetness. It is absolutely a high-quality product. Such kind of good product shall be provided to consumers all across China by means of the Internet Plus.”

During the visit to Huamengtong (Bazhou) Base in the afternoon,Secretary-General GAO Bohai in company of LIU Jianjun, General Manager forHuamengtong Base Alliance Dept. knew more in details about the Company’s management and control services in warehousing for quality assurance. General Manager LIU described to the Secretary-General GAO the work mechanism of applying gas-controlled preservation technologies for the quality of products, as well as how they realize a seamless connection amongst separation, packaging, and transport, etc. which may provide the guarantee and control throughout the process.ecretary-General GAO Bohaispoke high of Huamengtong’s operation mode: “benefiting people and benefiting farmers serve as the main purposes of the event. And these purposes also serve as the constant pursuit of Huamengtong. In this regard, the two platforms share the same vision. In addition, Huamengtong’s innovative development mode is also enlightenment to us. Consumers may enjoy more fresh, inexpensive, and better-quality agricultures by means of control and management in each step of the circulation; at the same time, famers will also be able to expand sales volume or even realize limit production to market ability. These are also what we are looking forward to – benefiting farms and benefiting the people without affecting their profits.”

Journalists from major media also participated in the study visit in the first station of CAQP in Korla, Xinjiang. The journalists also recorded everything objectively and authentically. Everybody expressed one after another that, the benign development of China’s agriculture required more similar events to benefit farmers and benefit the people. As a co-organizer for CAQP’s circulation of agricultural products,Huamengtong will, under the guidance of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine,led by CAQP, make more efforts together in order to promote the agricultural modernization in China, vigorously establish the novel circulation development mode of Internet Plus Era for the purposes of benefiting the people and benefiting farmers, and build a demonstration example of high quality in China.

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